Zaatar Manouche

Zaatar Manouche

Zaatar is in fact a light snack that is more suitable for breakfast and is made with special zaatar paste, with these doughs making small, round loaves of bread and placing a variety of foods between them, most of which are tomatoes existence.

Ingredients for zaatar Bread Making:

Yogurt: two cup

Oil: Four tablespoons

Water: half a cup

Sugar and salt: a teaspoon

Olive oil and flour: To the extent necessary

Yeast dough: two tablespoons

Zaatar powder: three tablespoons

How to make Zaatar powder:

Sesame: One tablespoon

Thyme: One tablespoon

Cumin: a teaspoon

Walnut Powder: One teaspoon

Sumac: A teaspoon

Pistachio Powder: One teaspoon

Aromatic vegetables: a teaspoon

Zaatar Method:

Mix yogurt, oil and water and add instant dough, sugar, salt and a little flour and mix with a spoon.

Then pour the flour until the dough is soft and sticky.

Stir the dough for 10 minutes and then rest for an hour in the kitchen.

Then sprinkle on a flour surface and spread out the dough to a half centimeter in diameter and arbitrarily mold and place in a greased oven tray.

Brush the dough over with a brush of olive oil and pour the zaatar powder over the dough and bake at 200 ° C for 15 minutes. Bread is ready.

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