Yazdi Dry Bread

Yazdi Dry Bread

Dry bread is one of the types of bread that is very easy to prepare and is a great option for breakfast or dinner. Bread is one of the basic foods in Iranian tablecloths, but due to the texture and baking method, this bread is known as dry bread. But this bread is mostly produced in Yazd. You can make this dry bread in different flavors and add it to different vegetables or simply prepare it with sesame. Today in cook plans , we will teach you thin and traditional dry bread with sesame. Join us.

Ingredients :

  1. Flour: 250 grams
  2. Water: 140 grams
  3. Butter: 20 grams
  4. Dry yeast: 2 g
  5. Salt: 3 grams
  6. Dried vegetables: dill and sesame seeds as needed

Recipe :

First measure all the ingredients, then pour the flour, yeast and salt together in a bowl and stir, then add the water little by little. Be careful to use tap water and you do not need hot or cold water. Now start mixing the ingredients. Make the dough little by little and it becomes cohesive and soft.

Then, when the dough is formed, put the butter between the dough and knead the dough again until the butter is absorbed by the dough. You can also use a mixer stand to knead. Your dough should be soft and smooth and have a cohesive shape. Now put the dough in a bowl and cover the bowl and rest for 20 minutes.

Now put the rested dough in a silicone pad or refractory greaseproof paper. Note that ordinary greaseproof paper is not suitable for baking this bread because it sticks to it. Cut it and become a little dry vegetables and sprinkle sesame seeds on the bread.

Now roll the dough again with a rolling pin so that the nuts and vegetables stick to the dough completely. You can cut the dough before placing it in the oven and cut it to the desired size. Now put the seal pad in the oven tray and preheat it in the oven. Put it at 180 degrees for 20 minutes to bake and dry the bread.

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