Turkish meat and eggplant feed

Turkish meat and eggplant feed

Turkish meat and eggplant is a very tasty food that is very popular among the Turkish people. Turks enjoy meat very much in food and therefore have a variety of meat dishes. To taste a delicious and easy Turkish meat dish, join us to teach you how to prepare a Turkish meat and eggplant dish.

To prepare this dish, the raw materials are prepared separately and then put together in a special and attractive arrangement and prepared for the final cooking in the oven.

The choice of spices plays an important role in this food and cooking it in the atmosphere of Mediterranean cuisine gives it. Turkish meat and eggplant is a great choice for parties and gatherings because it looks very compact; It has a charming house.

Ingredients :

  1. Minced meat: 250 grams
  2. Potatoes: 2 large
  3. Eggplant: 2 large
  4. Sweet pepper: 1 piece
  5. Tomatoes: 2 pieces
  6. Onion: 1 piece
  7. Eggs: 1 piece
  8. Rusk flour: 3 tablespoons
  9. Tomato paste: one and a half tablespoons
  10. Fresh sour lemon juice: 3 tablespoons
  11. Water: one and a half cup
  12. Olive oil: 2 tablespoons
  13. Liquid oil: 4 tablespoons
  14. Garlic powder, sumac, cumin, salt, black pepper, paprika powder and pepper: To the extent necessary

Recipes :

Slice the potatoes and fry in oil.

Slice the eggplants and fry in oil.

Grate the onion and squeeze the juice. Then mix with minced meat, breadcrumbs, olive oil, eggs and spices. Grab the meat until the ingredients are completely absorbed.

In another bowl, mix the tomato paste with the sour lemon juice, liquid oil, salt and pepper and water.

Place the potatoes on the bottom of the baking dish and place the eggplants on top. Then divide the meat and flatten each one the diameter of the eggplants and place them on top.

Place the sliced ​​bell peppers on the meat and place the sliced ​​tomatoes as the last layer.

Pour the pre-prepared paste sauce on the food with a ladle and then place the dish in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 60 minutes.

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