Tahchin Spinach With Chicken

Tahchin Spinach With Chicken

Spinach Tahchin is a delicious Iranian dish from one of the northern cities called Golestan, which is rich in iron and is prepared using chicken meat. Join us to learn more about this delicious food.


  1. Rice: 2 cups
  2. Egg yolk: 1 pc
  3. Chopped chicken: To the extent necessary
  4. Yogurt: To the extent necessary
  5. Brewed saffron: To the extent necessary
  6. Chopped spinach: 300 g
  7. Medium onion: 1 pc
  8. Salt and pepper: To the extent necessary
  9. Oil: To the extent necessary

Preparation method:

To prepare this dish, first put a frying pan on low heat and then pour some oil in it and add the chicken to it to fry, after the chicken pieces change color, add salt, pepper and turmeric on it. Sprinkle and fry a little until the spices are eaten by the chicken, finally add saffron to the chicken, after frying the chicken, you can turn off the heat under the pan and set it aside.

In the next step, cook the spinach separately and drain the rice, then fry the other chopped onions in the pan and add the spinach, then add salt and pepper and fry some more.

Now mix the egg yolk with yogurt, add some brewed saffron to it and add the drained rice to this mixture, then prepare a pot and grease its inner surface with oil, divide the rice into two Divide the portion, pour half of it into the pot and press it with the back of a spoon to make it more cohesive, then add the fried chicken, pour the rest of the rice over the chicken and spread the pot on the flame. Put on the stove, put the lid on the pot and let it cook for 30 to 45 minutes on low heat and ready.

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