Spinach Soup

Spinach Soup

Today we want to teach you a very delicious diet soup. Join us.

Ingredients  :

  • Fresh garlic: 6 medium cloves
  • Spinach: A large bunch
  • Water: To the extent necessary
  • Butter: a tablespoon
  • White flour: a tablespoon
  • Salt: To the extent necessary
  • Spices: as desired
  • Milk: One cup

Preparation method:

To make this delicious and rich soup, chop the garlic cloves at the beginning. Take a large bunch of spinach and wash it well. On the other hand, pour some water into the pot and let the water boil. Dip one hand into warm water, pausing between layers to allow them to dry. Take the spinach out of the pot and pour it into a bowl of cold water. Next, put the cooked spinach in a food processor or puree and puree it.

In a saucepan, pour some butter. Add the chopped garlic cloves to the butter. Roast the garlic a little. Add a tablespoon of sifted flour to the garlic and butter mixture. At this stage, add some salt. Now take the spinach puree out of the shredder and put it in a pot containing flour, garlic and butter.

Pour some water into the shredder to remove the spinach stuck to the shredder wall. Now pour the same water into the soup pot. Stir the soup well until smooth. Add your favorite spice, which can include black pepper and cumin, to the soup. Your spinach soup is ready. Pour it into a suitable container and drink. This soup can be served as a snack at special parties. Rest assured that its unique taste will be noticed.

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