Rinder Roulladen

Rinder Roulladen

One of the traditional German dishes is Rinder Rouladen, made from thin slices of meat fillet with onions, cucumbers and mustard, then rolled and cooked. It’s easy to make but it takes time. Rinder Rouladen is very tasty and has a tasty sauce.

ingredients :

  • Narrow beef steaks: For 4 people
  • Mustard: To the extent necessary
  • Salt, pepper and cucumber: To the extent necessary
  • Ham Strips: The number of people
  • Onions: One number
  • Olive oil: To the extent necessary
  • Water: To the extent necessary
  • Great carrot: a number
  • Chopped celery: To the extent necessary


Apply mustard to one side of each steak and salt and pepper. Place slices of cucumber, ham strips and onions on the mustard. Wrap the meat in a narrower section and tighten with a toothpick or wrap the yarn around it and knit it so it won’t open. In Germany, they use narrow, long metal needles for this purpose.

Heat a little olive oil in a saucepan and fry the rollers in it until all of them are brown. Then add enough water to cover the meat. Put in the pot and let it stand for half an hour on the stove. Then add the chopped carrots, onions and celery. Let them cook for an hour. Add water if necessary. Add salt and pepper to the water.

Now remove the meat or yarn from the toothpick. Place the rolls on a plate and serve them with pellets of mashed potatoes or boiled potatoes. Serve next to that vegetable salad or red cabbage pickle.

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