Rice And Spinach

Rice And Spinach

Rice and spinach is one of the delicious and traditional foods of Iran, which is cooked everywhere in this country and is very delicious. You can prepare rice and spinach with chicken or meat and use the countless properties of spinach, spinach has Large amounts of iron are good for heart health and heartburn, as well as for hair growth. The spinach plant grows in certain seasons and you can prepare and freeze it to cook rice and spinach whenever you like. Today, in cook plans , we will teach you delicious rice and spinach with meat.

Ingredients :

  1. Spinach: 500 grams
  2. Rice: 3 cups
  3. Minced meat: 350 grams
  4. Onion: 1 piece
  5. Stewed plums: 7 pieces
  6. Pomegranate paste: 1 tablespoon
  7. Garlic: 2 cloves
  8. Salt, pepper and turmeric: as needed

Recipes :

First, wash and finely grate the onion, take the excess water and mix it with the minced meat, salt, pepper and turmeric in a bowl, and knead it well for a few minutes until it becomes sticky. Then remove the meat material to the desired size and round it. Then put the meat in the refrigerator for half an hour to make it more sticky and firm. Then pour oil into the pan and fry the meat in it and set aside.

Pour cold water into a bowl of water or a clean sink and pour the spinach into it and leave it for a few minutes, then rinse and repeat this several times until it is completely clean, then put it in a strainer or on a towel. Let the excess water come out and crush it as much as you want.

Pour a little oil into the pan and add the grated garlic and fry some to remove the aroma of garlic, then add the chopped spinach and fry a little, and finally add the pomegranate paste and prunes and set aside.

Soak the rice with salt for a few hours. The more you soak the rice, the better your food will be. When the rice boils, drain it and pour a layer of rice, then a layer of spinach, repeat until the rice and Finish the spinach and mix it well, then brew the rice and finally pour butter on it and serve it in a bowl and decorate with the meat.

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