Pomegranate Trifle

Pomegranate Trifle

Pomegranate trifle is a very tasty English dessert that consists of several layers. You can change this delicious dessert with your favorite ingredients, we want to teach you this trifle with pomegranate. This dessert does not need an oven at all and you can prepare this dessert with a hand mixer. Most importantly, you do not need much time to prepare a pomegranate trifle. In England, cake was made with custard in 1700. At that time, it became very popular. This dessert came to America from England and is called Trifle with some changes. To have this dessert, you need a cake, an egg, if you do not have the opportunity to make, do not worry, or you can use small cocoa cakes or you can use biscuit powder. This dessert is served as a single. Today in cook plans , we will teach you a very delicious pomegranate truffle. Join us.

Ingredients :

  1. Chocolate cake: 1 piece
  2. Mascarpone cheese: 200 grams
  3. Powdered sugar: 2 tablespoons
  4. Pastry cream: 200 grams
  5. Seed pomegranate: To the extent necessary

Preparation method:

First, crush a ready-made chocolate cake or biscuit. If you use biscuits, pour them into the mill and grind them. Crush the cake by hand.

First, mix the mascarpone cheese with the powdered sugar at high speed to form a little. Then beat the pastry cream that you took out 10 minutes before starting to work with a good mixer to form (when you first start mixing the cream, the cream loosens first and starts to form with a fast turn and beat in one direction Mix the whipped cream with the cheese and mix again with a mixer. Now our trifle cream is ready.

Arrange the cedar glasses and pour the crumbled cake or biscuit on the bottom, pour the cream into a plastic funnel and cut the tip. Pour a layer of cream on the cake and pour pomegranate on it. Repeat these layers until the serving dish is full and the dessert surface is finished with the cake. Garnish with pomegranate or pastry cream on the truffle and refrigerate for 1 hour to taste a little. If you are in a hurry, you can serve this dessert right away.

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