Plum Stew

Plum Stew

Few people do not like Iranian food. Today we are going to teach you a delicious Iranian stew.

ingredients :

  • Mutton: 200 grams
  • plum: two cup
  • Sugar: three tablespoons
  • Brewed saffron: three tablespoons
  • Carrots: a number
  • Potatoes: a number
  • Onion: a number
  • Salt, turmeric and oil: To the extent necessary
  • Tomato paste (optional): a tablespoon

How to make plum stew

Finely chop the onion and fry in oil. When the onions are light, add the meat and fry until the broth thickens and changes color slightly. Add a little turmeric to the meat and stir. Then add some boiling water to the meat.

About an hour later, add the saffron to the meat. Wait another half an hour for the meat to cook completely. After this time, pour the plums soaked half an hour ago in the pot with the sugar and salt.

While the stew is cooking, chop the carrots. Boil about a quarter of the carrots in a saucepan and then fry in a pan with a little oil. Be careful not to burn or darken the carrots. Finally, pour a teaspoon of sugar over the carrots, turn slightly and remove from the heat.

Fry the peeled and finely chopped potatoes in another pan. When they are well fried, pour a spoonful of saffron on them and turn them a little so that all the potatoes get the color of saffron.

If you want, fry a spoon of tomato paste and add it to the stew pot. Of course, you can be sure that your food will be colorful and delicious without tomato paste. When the stew water of plum thickens, serve it in your favorite dish and add the fried carrots and potatoes. If you wish, you can also fry a little sliced pistachio and almonds (very short) and add the stew to it at the last minute.

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