Pistachio loz

Pistachio loz

Loz is one of the popular sweets of the Iranian people, which is very delicious

ingredients :

Pistachio: 150 g

Sugar: 150 grams

Water: 150 g

Rose water: To the extent necessary

Cardamom powder: To the extent necessary

How to make pistachio loz

To make a pistachio loz and delicious homemade pistachio lozenge, it is very important to use high quality pistachios, and to ensure the freshness and health of pistachios, it is better to grind them yourself. At this stage, after peeling, chop and powder the pistachios with a good grinder. The better you grind the pistachios at this stage,so that there are no coarse grains in it, the more professional and high-quality pistachio loz you will have. If necessary, after grinding the pistachios, pass them through a sieve.

Powder the cardamom well.

At this point, mix the sugar, water, rose and cardamom powder together in a suitable bowl. Then place the dish on the gas flame and stir constantly until the sugar dissolves well in the water and a thick nectar is obtained and the pleasant aroma of rose and cardamom wraps around your home.

Now let the nectar you made in the previous step cool a bit. Then pour the ground pistachio into a medium bowl. Then gradually add the nectar to it and mix until it becomes a paste and sticks to the desired stickiness.

Cover the bottom of a rectangular dish with cellophane or greaseproof paper, then spread the pistachio mixture you made in the previous step to the desired thickness on the bottom of the dish and mix well with the bottom of a spoon or with the palms of your hands or with the help of a rolling pin. Press the pistachios until smooth and cohesive. If you want, pour a little pistachio on the cellophane or greaseproof paper before pouring the pistachio mixture into the bowl. Refrigerate the pistachio loz until it hardens well.

To cut the pistachio loz, after removing the dish from the refrigerator, cut it into lozenges with the help of a wet knife. In order to have rhombus-shaped cuts, it is enough to make oblique cuts from right to left and vice versa. You can also pour the pastry dough into the silicone chocolate mold. Then place the pistachio lozenges in a container so that they do not get airy and dry and have a longer shelf life.

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