Peas And Meat

Peas And Meat

Foods are nutritious and good foods for the body that you should include in your diet. Pea and meat are among these foods that have nutritious and high-energy ingredients. This dish is one of the international dishes and belongs to India. Whenever the name of India comes up, we remember its spicy and unbearable food, but the food of peas and meat is not very spicy, and if you want it not to be spicy at all, you can remove the pepper, but it is better to prepare such food spicy do. The number of raw materials in this dish is relatively high compared to other foods. The taste of this food is excellent and delicious, which attracts everyone to make it. Pea feed, unlike its raw materials, is prepared quickly. It may take only a little to prepare, but in general, it is a food that has a medium preparation time. This dish also uses meat, which you can use soy instead. Soy is a great substitute for meat because it contains protein and its nutritional value is not less than meat. Different condiments have been used in the pea dish, which has made it delicious. This dish alone can complement your meal and you can also serve it with your local bread as a lunch or dinner meal, you can also serve it as a stew with rice.


  1. Minced red meat: 900 g
  2. Oil: 1 cup
  3. Freshly chopped garlic: 6 to 9 cloves
  4. Green chili peppers: 3 to 6 pieces
  5. Peas: 500 g
  6. Fresh coriander: 1 batch
  7. Jalapino or Jalapino pepper: 4 pieces
  8. Medium onion: 2 pcs
  9. Large tomatoes: 2 pcs
  10. Gram masala spice: 2 tablespoons jam
  11. Salt: 2 tablespoons jam
  12. Black pepper: 1 tablespoon jam
  13. Turmeric powder: 1 tablespoon jam
  14. Coriander seed powder: 1 tablespoon jam
  15. Curry powder: 1 tablespoon of jam
  16. Cumin powder: 1 tablespoon jam
  17. Dried fenugreek powder: 1 tablespoon jam
  18. Red pepper powder: 1 tablespoon jam
  19. Freshly grated ginger: 1 tablespoon jam

Recipes :

First, finely chop all the spices that need to be chopped.

Roast all the spices in a pan over a low flame without oil. Heat the onion in another frying pan. Add the garlic, ginger and chili peppers to the onion.

When the ingredients are well cooked, add the roasted spices.

When the ingredients stick to the bottom of the dish, add some water and when the water in the dish dries, add more water again than the previous step. Continue this process 3 times. In general, this takes 15 minutes. Roast the meat in another dish Give.

Then add 1 tablespoon of masala spice, salt and black pepper.

After roasting the meat, add the onion ingredients. Then add the peas.

Next, add the grated tomatoes.

Wait for the whole mixture to cook slowly for a few minutes and the peas to be completely soft and chewy.

After cooking, add coriander leaves and let it boil for a while.

If you want to add fenugreek powder, add it to the food at the same time as adding tomatoes.

Finally, close the pan and let the food sit on a low flame and cook the peas well.

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