parsnip Soup

parsnip Soup

parsnip or yellow carrot and is harvested in winter. parsnip has been very popular among Iranians in the past, but over time it has lost its popularity. Parsnip is very tonic and energizing and is especially useful for children. In addition to being delicious, parsnip soup is also good for the body, because it strengthens the stomach and is very good for the health of skin, hair and teeth. It is an excellent source of potassium, regulates the body’s blood sugar and is rich in dietary fiber. But you can prepare different foods with turmeric, it is better to use all the foods that have high value to change your lifestyle and make the food list of the house uniform. Today, in cook plans, we teach you a nutritious and delicious parsnip soup with chicken and potato extract. This soup is very nutritious and will be ready quickly. Join us.

Ingredients :

  1. Parsnip: 3 pieces
  2. Potatoes: 1 piece
  3. Onion: 1 piece
  4. Chicken extract: 1 piece
  5. Butter: 2 tablespoons
  6. Cauliflower, mushrooms, parsley and cream: as needed to decorate
  7. Milk or water: as needed
  8. Salt, black pepper, thyme and lemon juice: as needed

Recipes :

It does not matter if you peel or grate the Parsnip, it will be mixed at the end, but if you do not have an electric meat grinder or you do not want to mix, it is better to grate it. Grate the potatoes and onions as well. Wash the cauliflower and mushrooms well and set aside.

Pour butter into a saucepan to melt, then add parsnip, onion and potato and fry a little with butter, then dissolve chicken broth in some water and add turmeric soup.

Add some salt and black pepper to the soup and set the heat on a low flame and let the soup cook over low heat. When the soup water is a little low, you can gradually add a little lukewarm milk that you have already put in the environment to the soup and stir.

At the end of cooking Parsnip soup, add some lemon juice and thyme to the soup and mix the soup using a good electric meat grinder until all the vegetables are pureed. Cut the cauliflower into smaller pieces and prepare it with the roasted mushrooms for decoration, then pour the turmeric soup into the desired dish and decorate with the mushrooms and cauliflower, and use some cream next to your decorations, and Add a little parsley to the parsnip soup if desired. That’s how easy our delicious Parsnip soup was.

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