Mashwiya Salad

Mashwiya Salad

Mashwiya Salad is a delicious Tunisian salad. This salad is prepared very quickly and easily. In this article, we will teach you how to prepare a salad.


  • Eggplant: 150 grams
  • Green bell pepper: 125 grams
  • Red bell pepper: 125 grams
  • Onion: 150 grams
  • Zucchini: 150 grams
  • Fresh parsley: 50 grams
  • Garlic: 50 grams
  • Olive oil: 50 ml
  • Black pepper powder: 10 grams
  • Salt: To the extent necessary
  • Lemon juice: 25 ml
  • Lettuce: 50 grams
  • Pomegranate syrup: 25 ml

Ingredients for preparing pomegranate syrup:

  • Pomegranate juice: 4 cups
  • Sugar: 2 and a half cups
  • Lemon juice: 1 teaspoon


How to prepare pomegranate syrup:

In a frying pan, combine all ingredients over medium heat. Stir thoroughly to dissolve the sugar.

Let stand over medium-high heat for 20-25 minutes until the syrup thickens.

Remove from heat and allow to cool. You can keep this syrup in a sealed container in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.


How to prepare Mashwiya Salad

Slice the bell peppers, eggplant, onion and zucchini.

Chop the parsley leaves and set aside to decorate the salad.

Chop the garlic.

To prepare the salad mix, pour the olive oil into a large bowl. Add chopped garlic, pepper powder and salt.

Combine onions, eggplant, bell peppers and zucchini. Pour the oil mixture over it and stir well until all the ingredients are completely combined.

Take a cast iron skillet and put onion and zucchini in it to grill on both sides.

Repeat the same for the eggplant and bell peppers and pour them into the salad bowl.

Add lemon juice and chopped parsley and mix well.

Chop the lettuces on a plate and pour the grilled vegetables over them.

Finally, pour the pomegranate syrup on the salad and serve.

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