Mango and coconut ice cream

Mango and coconut ice cream

Mango is a suitable fruit that is used in summer desserts. They are very tasty with coconut. This coconut and mango ice cream is a good combination between the flavors of creamy coconut ice cream and the freshness of mango.

This recipe is easy, no eggs are used and it is prepared with coconut extract and cream using easy ice cream base and honey milk and mixed with mango puree. It is faster, tastier and much better and healthier than the ice cream you bought in the store.


  • Mango puree: 650 grams
  • Heavy cream (35% fat): 360 grams
  • Honey milk: 397 grams
  • Coconut cream: 240 grams
  • Coconut extract: 1 tablespoon

Preparation method:

Peel a Mango, grate it and squeeze the juice. Transfer to a food processor bowl and mix until pureed. In a large bowl, whisk the cream until it is firm and creamy.

Add honey milk, coconut cream and coconut extract and mix gently with a blender. Pour 1/3 of the coconut mixture into a bowl (20.30 cm). Add 1/3 mango puree. Pour 1/3 of the coconut mixture again.

Add 1/3 mango puree. Pour the last 1/3 of the coconut mixture. Add the last 1/3 of the mango puree. Use a spatula to stir. Freeze for 6-8 hours or until firm. Before serving, leave it at room temperature for 10 minutes to reach a suitable consistency.

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