Leek Stew

Leek Stew

Leek stew is one of the most delicious foods of the Iranian people, especially the people of Kurdistan. This stew has a delicious taste that encourages everyone to prepare it. This stew is a Kurdish stew that some people know as Kurdish stew. In most parts of Kurdistan, this delicious stew is cooked. As its name implies, it is prepared using leeks. In this stew, leeks are chopped and prepared with meat and beans. The ingredients of leek stew are the same as broth, and the only difference is the leek and the way it is cooked. You can taste this stew with rice and with your family members and enjoy its taste. You can also use this stew as a complete meal and as lunch or dinner, for this you can serve it with bread. You can use beef or minced meat for the meat required for this stew. For this dish, you should use fresh leeks to maintain its original taste. In general, it is better to use fresh and healthy food for any food to make the taste of the prepared food excellent and delicious. The beans used in this stew must also be white beans. White beans are rich in protein and are very nutritious and good for the body. Nutmeg is a fragrant substance that is used for a variety of foods. In this stew, nutmeg is also used to flavor, and you should not remove this fragrant spice from the ingredients. You should also give it enough time to cook well and do not remove it from the flame earlier than scheduled.

Ingredients :

  1. Mutton: 400 g
  2. Sauteed leeks: 500 g
  3. White beans: half a cup
  4. Medium and chopped onion: 1 pc
  5. Lemon powder: To the extent necessary
  6. Salt: To the extent necessary
  7. Red pepper: To the extent necessary
  8. Turmeric: To the extent necessary
  9. Nutmeg: To the extent necessary
  10. Oil: To the extent necessary
  11. Saffron (optional): To the extent necessary
  12. Potatoes (for frying and garnishing): 3 pcs
  13. Tomatoes: 2 pcs

Preparation Method:

First, put the onions in a frying pan and spit until ready.

Then add the meat and fry until the meat changes color.

After 5 minutes, add white beans and turmeric.

Then add water and when it boils, lower the flame to cook the ingredients slowly.

In another pan, fry the chopped leeks in oil.

After cooking, add leek meat, salt and pepper.

Finally, add lemon zest and Omani lemon.

In another bowl, fry the sliced ​​potatoes with the tomatoes and use as a garnish.

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