Italian Cake

Italian Cake

Italian cake with its interesting recipe will be very delicious and it is definitely worth it to try it once at home. Italian cake has two separate recipes, one for the cake itself and the other to decorate the cake. The main ingredients used in the preparation of this cake are flour, sugar, eggs, vanilla and baking powder. If your cake does not come off the mold easily after baking, it may be because you did not grease it well or sprinkle it well with flour before pouring the icing into the mold. Another reason for this is that you did not remove the cake from the mold after the initial cooling. Be sure to remove the cake from the mold as soon as it cools down, otherwise it will be difficult, but it is also possible that your cake is not well baked and therefore does not come off the mold easily. If the bottom of your cake is heavy and doughy, it is because the amount of liquid in the cake is high, or the number of eggs you used in the cake was too much, or you did not mix the cake ingredients well before baking. If your cake is completely hardened, there are several reasons. One of the reasons is that the oven temperature is higher than the temperature required for baking the cake, and another reason is that the cake stays in the oven longer than necessary. Your cake does not have the necessary tenderness.

Ingredients :

  1. White flour: 250 g
  2. Sugar: 175 grams
  3. Butter: 150 g
  4. Baking powder: 2 tablespoons jam
  5. Eggs: 2 pcs
  6. Milk: 1 cup
  7. Vanilla: Half a teaspoon

Ingredients for cake decoration:

  1. Milk: 6 tablespoons
  2. Sugar: 150 grams
  3. Butter: 50 g
  4. Honey: 50 g
  5. Chopped walnuts: 100 g
  6. Egg yolk: 2 pcs

Recipes :

Mix flour, sugar, vanilla and baking powder.

Beat the eggs in a bowl and mix with an electric mixer.

Heat the butter and mix it with the eggs.

Add the milk to the flour and sugar mixture and stir until soft.

Grease the mold and sprinkle with flour and pour the yeast into it.

Pour a teaspoon of salt, chopped walnuts, 6 tablespoons of milk, honey, 50 grams of butter and 100 grams of sugar into a small bowl.

Put the pan on low heat until it boils.Mix 2 egg yolks with them.

Remove the pan from the heat after the yeast has thickened slightly. Pour the ingredients over the icing into the mold.

Preheat the oven to 175 ° C.

Place the mold on the middle layer of the oven for 45 to 60 minutes. After baking the cake, take the mold out of the oven.

After cooling, remove the cake mold from the mold with the help of a knife.

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