Indonesian Salad

Indonesian Salad

This salad has a very simple preparation method and with proper decorations, it can give a very beautiful look to your dinner table or lunch. The interesting thing about Indonesian salad is that the ingredients of this salad can be changed according to your taste. For example, you can add a sample of Indonesian chicken salad by adding chicken to salad ingredients.

ingredients :

Chopped red cabbage: 1 cup

Chopped white cabbage: 2 cups

Sausage: 200 grams

Corn: half a glass

Peas: Half a glass

Carrots: 2 pcs

Salted cucumber: 4 pieces

Mayonnaise: As needed

How to prepare:

First, wash the cabbage and chop finely.

Add the cooked corn, cooked peas, chopped sausage, grated cooked carrots, chopped pickles to the cabbage and mix well.

Then add the mayonnaise, salt and pepper to the salad ingredients and mix.

Put the salad bowl in the closed container for 2 to 3 hours and put it in the refrigerator to cool well.

Now prepare our salad. You can also serve this salad by adding raisins and give it an interesting taste. If you do not want to use sausages, you can use cooked chicken in this salad.

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