Icelandic Yogurt

Icelandic Yogurt

Icelandic yogurt is a fat-free yogurt that is one of the best dairy products in the world due to its high protein content and very low fat content close to zero.The protein of this yogurt is 3 times that of other yogurts and due to its high protein and very low fat,yogurt is suitable for athletes.

This yogurt is used to make a variety of cakes,fruit dairy products, desserts and cookies due to its high concentration,but in the ninth century it was traditionally served with cream and coffee.

How to prepare it at home

Raise the temperature of the milk, then slowly bring it to 43 degrees Celsius.Add some warm milk to the Icelandic yogurt yeast and then pour it into the hot milk pot.

Now add 3 drops of cheese yeast to cold water without waste, then add to the previous ingredients.Set the pot aside for 12 hours.

It is important to go from one stage to the next at the right time to finally get the result you want.

Place a drain with a two-layer cheese bag on a bowl.Pour the mixture into the bowl with a spoon and do not spill the liquid in any way until you reach the end of the pot, as the delicate nutrients will be damaged.

The bag you choose at this stage is very important because the final concentration of your Icelandic yogurt depends on the texture of the bag. So don’t go for every bag of fabric you have at home.

Put the yoghurt yogurt in a cool place to keep it intact for four to eight hours and the yoghurt juice to come out completely.

Don’t forget that high temperatures affect the taste and texture of your yogurt. So do not place the pot near the radiator or in hot areas of the kitchen so that after these hours, the result of your work does not seem disappointing.

Pour the yogurt into a bowl and stir with an electric mixer. Add a tablespoon of cheese yeast to bring it to a silky consistency.

Turn off the mixer when the yogurt is completely homogeneous and reaches the desired texture. If you already have Icelandic yogurt experience, you know that the result of your work should be a completely thick and relatively hard liquid.

Finally, you can sweeten the yogurt with a sweetener to make it tastier. Set aside some yogurt to make the next yogurt.

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