Grilled Potatoes And Salsa

Grilled Potatoes And Salsa

As you know, carbohydrates are always a negative role of the diet, but they are not always. If we choose wisely, carbohydrates will also bring healthy food into your diet. Carbohydrates enter the bloodstream quickly and raise blood sugar. So we have to put a barrier in the way of the reverse process. That’s why we don’t peel the potatoes. Potato skins are high in fiber.

ingredients :

Potatoes: Cut 250 g in half

Oil: To the extent necessary

Olive oil: a tablespoon

Pepper: To the extent necessary

Salsa: A mixture of onion, garlic, chopped tomato, pepper, parsley, lemon juice and salt.

Lemon: 1 number

Parsley and salt: To the extent necessary

How to prepare:

Place the halved potatoes in a tray covered with aluminum foil, grease the tray with oil and cook the potatoes for 15 minutes. Combine the olive oil, pepper and chopped cumin seeds in a microwave-safe bowl, then place in the microwave for a minute on high heat. After 30 seconds, stir the mixture and put it back in the microwave. Add the potatoes and salsa to the olive oil mixture and stir to coat well. Then put it back in the microwave for 15 minutes. Squeeze the sour lemons over the potatoes and pour the parsley and salt over the food. Our food is ready to serve.

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