Gilani roasted cheese

Gilani roasted cheese

Gilani dishes are famous all over Iran because of their wonderful aroma and taste. Join us this time for a delicious Gilani breakfast to learn how to make fried cheese.

Roasted cheese, also known as Gilani omelette or Northern omelette; A simple omelet with a unique flavor. This delicious breakfast is prepared in almost all areas of Gilan and its fame has reached many other cities in Iran.

In different villages of Gilan, fried cheese is prepared using local cheeses, the most famous and best of which is ciyah mazegi cheese. Gilani’s famous ciyah mazegi cheese belongs to a village of the same name. There, this special cheese is made in the spring with fresh sheep’s milk. Of course, you can use lighvan cheese, white cheese, feta cheese or even cream cheese to make this delicious omelette, which will be delicious in any case.

Ingredients for 2 people:

  1. Breakfast cheese: 150 grams
  2. Eggs: 3 pieces
  3. Grated garlic: 4 cloves
  4. Dried dill: 2 tbsp
  5. Butter: 40 grams
  6. Black pepper and turmeric: To the extent necessary

Recipes :

In the first step, pour the butter with some oil into the moonlight to melt. Then add the grated garlic.

When the garlic is slightly fried and its aroma is high, add the breakfast cheese and after the cheese softens, spread it with the back of a spoon and fry. Here we used cream cheese but you can use any cheese you like like lighvan cheese, feta cheese or local cheese.

When the cheese is fried and completely soft, add the dried dill, turmeric and black pepper and fry.

Now add the eggs to the pan and stir. Add a little salt if needed.

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