ghormeh sabzi

ghorme sabzi

How to cook stew ghormeh sabzi

The popularity of the stew ghormeh sabzi among the Iranian people needs no explanation! An Iranian is unlikely to Don’t like the taste of this stew. The popularity of this food is so high that it is a satirical measure of the ability to cook among Iranians and to the point that if anyone questions an Iranian your cooking is good and he will say yes, he will be immediately asked, Can you cook ghormeh sabzi?

Now we go to the recipe for this popular Iranian food.


Ingredients for making ghormeh sabzi

  • Vegetable of ghormeh sabzi (leeks, corianderŲŒparsley and equal to one-third of fenugreek) 1 kg
  • meat with bone – 500g
  • Two-thirds of a glass of red beans
  • Omani lemon 5 pcs
  • Large onion 1 pcs
  • Salt, pepper and turmeric to the required extent


Step first

Soak the beans the night before and change the water two or three times.

Step second

Do cut the onion. Pour a little oil into a pot and fry the onions with a little oil until golden and then add some turmeric.

Step third

Chop the meat of the stew as desired and add to the onions, stirring slightly to change the meat.

Step Four

It is best to boil the beans in a separate pot so that the bean juice does not prevent the glaze Create. So put the beans individually on the flame to cook.

Step Five

After the meat is slightly browned, add 3 glass boiling water, close the lid of the pot and reduce the flame to a simmer over medium heat. While the meat is half cooked,chop the vegetables and then fry them in a skillet. If you are using frozen greens, put frozen greens in the oil so that the greens will not like rubber after roasting.

Step Six

After the meat is cooked, take the bean juice and add with the vegetables to the stew. Next, add the Omani lemon you pierced and pour 2 to 3 glasses of water into the pot again.

Step Seven

After 2 hours your vegetable stew is almost ready. Now it’s time to add the seasoning to the stew; add the spices as needed, then wait for another hour with a gentle flame.

Now the ghormeh sabzi is ready.

Keep in mind that this stew and most Iranian stews are eaten with rice.

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