Donuts is a kind of delicious American sweet in different types of simple, creamy, flavored, chocolate, etc. In this tutorial, we will teach you one of the types of donuts.

Ingredients (20 medium-sized donuts)

  • Wheat flour: 500 g (sifted at least 3-4 times)
  • Sugar: 100 grams
  • Butter: 75 grams (melted)
  • Warm milk: 1 glass
  • Eggs: 2 (medium)
  • Sour dough powder: 2 tablespoons (smooth head)
  • Salt: a quarter teaspoon
  • Vanilla: 1/8 teaspoon
  • Frying oil: To the extent necessary

Ingredients for decorating donuts

  • Cocoa chocolate: 100 grams
  • Milk chocolate: 50 grams
  • Trafel: To the extent necessary
  • Walnut or pistachio powder: To the extent necessary

How to prepare:

First, mix the yeast with a little warm water and add the milk and stir well to mix.

Add the eggs to the milk and yeast mixture and add the butter to combine.

In the next step, mix the flour with salt and vanilla and add half of this mixture with the sugar to the ingredients and mix well until they are mixed together.

Then add the rest of the flour and stir again to make the dough. Place the dough on a floured surface and knead well to make the dough soft and even.

Then cover it and set aside for an hour to an hour and a half to set. Meanwhile, knead the dough 4 to 5 times and cover it again to rest.

Once the dough has doubled in size, place it on a flat surface that has been lightly greased and open with a rolling pin.

Then cut the dough with a donut mold, place the donut dough in a greased tray after cutting, spread a cloth on it and set aside for half an hour to double in size.

Put a suitable pot on the heat and pour oil into it, after the oil is hot, fry the donuts one by one in it.

Then place them on a wire rack to cool and remove excess oil. Meanwhile, pour the white chocolate and cocoa chocolate into two separate bowls and melt them indirectly.

Dip the donuts in white chocolate or cocoa chocolate and sprinkle with colored truffles and walnut powder and pistachio powder.

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