Diet Stew

Diet Stew

If you pay attention to this point, every food has many benefits for the body, but you should know that diet stew is one of the most nutritious and useful foods for humans. The recipe for vegetable stew is easy and only requires care.

Stew can be prepared well in autumn and winter. Vegetable stew can control blood cholesterol and diabetes.

Ingredients :

  1. Carrots: 1 medium
  2. Tomatoes: 1 pc
  3. Chopped celery stalks: 4 cups
  4. Sesame oil: as needed
  5. Pumpkin: 2 large
  6. Potatoes: 1 medium
  7. Chopped green beans: 1 cup
  8. Salt, turmeric, pepper: as needed
  9. Ginger and spices: as needed

Preparation method:

First try to chop all the plants one centimeter. Then boil your beans and celery with a steamer (if you do not have some water you can use for boiling). Meanwhile, fry the onion with sesame oil and turmeric.

In the same way, put carrots, potatoes and other summer vegetables in a frying pan and fry them well, and finally add beans and celery.

Put the prepared tomatoes with a little salt and ginger in a blender and when they are crushed, mix them with the previous ingredients.

Now fry them all over a gentle heat and when they are ready, use fresh lemon juice to taste better.

Your stew is ready. You can taste it with a little rice and enjoy it.

Important points for preparing this stew:

Never use frying oil. Diet stew is low in fat and keeps you healthy, but if you use frying oil to prepare and fry it, the benefits will be reduced. Always try to fry it with sesame or olive oil.

Try to prepare fresh pumpkins for stew. The remaining vegetables may fall apart during roasting and spoil the final appearance of the food.

Check the stew every few minutes. The cooking time depends on the size of your flame, but always try to set the heat of your flame to medium so that it cooks well.

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