Deli Beets

Deli Beets

Deli Beets French is a delicious and colorful dessert.

As the name implies, Deli Beets is a French dessert that uses beets.

beets cooked that are rich in nutrients such as calcium, manganese, potassium, betaine iron, malonic acid, protein and fiber.

beets have beneficial properties such as anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant due to their high content of nutrients.

It strengthens the immune system and increases the ability to absorb oxygen in the cells and prevents premature aging.

Some people use it in salads, soups and stews.

Ingredients :

  • Puree cooked Beets: 200 grams
  • Beets juice: 1 cup
  • Confectionery cream: 250 grams
  • Gelatin powder: two tablespoons
  • Vanilla: One-eighth teaspoon
  • Deli Karameli: A quarter of a cup
  • Toffee or caramel danet: two pieces

How to prepare:

First of all, wash the Beets and peel them and let them cook with some sugar.

After cooking, puree the Beets and set aside, holding a glass of Beets juice.

Cook one Beets again with the candy and use it as a sauce when the water thickens.

Mix the gelatin powder with three-quarters of a glass of water, place on steam (Ben Marie method) until completely clear.

Heat the Beets water and add the grated Benlatin gelatin, stir and remove from the heat to allow to cool.

Mix the pastry cream well with a mixer and add to the Beets water and gelatin and mix.

Then add the puree puree and stir again. In the next step, add the donuts and caramel hearts.

Caramel deli can be made from confectionery supplies or large supermarkets.

Mix all ingredients and pour into a silicone mold and refrigerate for four to five hours.

Then take the mold out of the refrigerator. Separate the dessert round from the mold.

Put some creamy Beets dessert in the kitchen to return it from the desired dish.

In this way, the dessert is easily separated from the mold. If you are in a hurry, get some hair dryer on the mold from a distance.

Then remove the Beets dessert with cream from the mold and you can use the Beets sauce that you have left aside to make it shiny.

Now your Beets dessert is ready, serve it and enjoy eating it.

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