Cow Tongue Feed

Cow Tongue Feed

Cow tongue feed is one of the most delicious foods that is very easy to prepare, contrary to expectations. Cow tongue food is served with both bread and rice. This food is very popular in Turkey. This food has high cholesterol, so those who have high cholesterol should be a little careful in eating this food. The nutritional value of this food is very high and people with high blood pressure can eat this food to prevent high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Also, one of the important properties of this food is to strengthen the immune system because the tongue of the cow contains It contains large amounts of potassium and sodium, which are very good for the body against bacteria and infections. Today in cook plans , we will teach you cow tongue food.

Ingredients :

  1. Cow tongue: 3 pieces
  2. Onions: 4 pieces
  3. Parsley: 1 batch
  4. Bo leaves: 2 pieces
  5. Garlic: 3 cloves
  6. Black pepper, turmeric, cinnamon: To the extent necessary

Ingredients for preparing the sauce:

  1. Mushrooms: 300 g
  2. Butter: 100 grams
  3. Flour: 1 tablespoon
  4. Breakfast cream: 1/2 cup
  5. Milk: 1 cup
  6. Salt and black pepper: To the extent necessary
  7. Potatoes: 3 pieces
  8. Butter: 50 grams

Recipes :

First, take the fat around the cow tongue with a knife, then put the cow tongue in a bowl full of water for 5 minutes. Then empty the water container and repeat this 3 times to clean the cow tongue well.

Put the cow tongue in a relatively large pot and pour the onions and mushrooms on the cow tongue along with the garlic cloves. Then pour the spices that include turmeric, black pepper and cinnamon on the cow’s tongue and put a bunch of parsley on the tongue, then pour water into the pot until it melts on the surface of the tongue, put it on the heat and Increase the flame until it boils, then reduce the heat and leave for 5 to 6 hours until the tongue is well cooked.

When the cow tongue is well cooked (when the fork is inserted, it should be completely soft) then take the cow tongue out of the dish and remove the skin. The most important point when removing the cow tongue skin is that the cow tongue must be hot. When it cools down a bit, we peel it easily and carefully, then we put the cow’s tongue in the refrigerator for 1 hour to cool and harden it, which makes it more beautiful cuts. (Try using a sharp knife to cut)

Do not throw away the cow’s tongue juice, strain it and put it on the heat, add some salt and saffron to it and let it thicken.

Wash and chop the mushrooms, then fry them in a frying pan with half a butter until the water is absorbed. Then take it out of the frying pan and pour the rest of the butter to heat it, add the flour and fry it until the raw smell disappears, then add black pepper and a little salt and add lukewarm milk little by little, and finally pour the cream. And remove from heat.

Wash the potatoes and let them boil, then puree them and mix them with butter and add some salt, black pepper and garlic powder.

Fry the beef tongue in a frying pan with some oil. 1 minute is enough for each side, then pour the mushroom sauce on the tongue and serve it next to the mashed potatoes and Tongue water.

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