Consume soup

Consume soup

Consume Mushrooms are one of the types of soups whose origins go back to France. In fact, the word Consume means refined soup. The fat of this soup is very low. This soup is prepared with vegetables and eggs and is a very nutritious and delicious food. You can also use chicken juice or chicken stock to prepare this soup. Today in cook plans, we will teach you this soup with chicken and pizza cheese. Join us.

Ingredients :

  1. Chicken breast: 1 piece
  2. Chopped mushrooms: 250 g
  3. Corn: 1/2 cup
  4. Flour: 2 to 3 tablespoons
  5. Pizza cheese: as needed
  6. Breakfast cream: 1 envelope
  7. Chicken extract: 2 pieces
  8. Boiled eggs: 1 piece
  9. Butter: 50 grams
  10. Salt and black pepper and lemon juice: as needed

Recipes :

First, separate the chicken breast bone and chop it into small pieces. Rinse the mushrooms well until the black part goes away, then pour some lemon juice on the mushrooms so that they do not turn black during cooking. After boiling, take out the yolk part and grate the egg white.

Pour the butter into the pan to melt, then fry the mushrooms with a little salt to drain the juice.

In another pot, pour the chicken broth or chicken broth that we opened with boiling water, then add the roasted mushrooms along with the corn and egg whites and some salt and black pepper, and light the bottom of the pot and let Let the ingredients cook together and smooth. Pour the cream into a bowl and pour a ladle of soup into the cream and dilute it and add it to the soup and stir until it is smooth.

Pour the flour into the pan and fry a little to remove the raw smell of flour, then add some butter to it and stir and add some soup water to the flour (gradually) and stir until the flour opens, then at the end mix. Add flour to the soup.

Let all the well-cooked ingredients and mushroom consumption fit. At the end of cooking, put the soup in a serving dish and pour pizza cheese on it and decorate it with cream and mushrooms as desired.

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