Chocotorta is very popular at Argentine children’s birthday parties. This cake has a pleasant combination of cream, chocolate, coffee and the most classic types of Argentine flavors, caramel. You do not need a lot of ingredients to make this cake. Join us to prepare this cake.


  • Caramel: 425 grams
  • Softened cream cheese: 452 grams
  • Brewed coffee or espresso: 2 cups
  • Chocolate cookies: To the extent necessary

Preparation Method:

In a bowl, combine the softened cream cheese and caramel until well combined. The caramel color should be light. Taste until it becomes your desired caramel.

Make your coffee and pour it into a shallow dish. Dip each cookie into the coffee one by one and then stick them in a separate baking dish until the bottom is completely covered.

When a layer of cookies is complete, take a tablespoon of the cream cheese and caramel mixture and spread it evenly on the cookies. Then place another layer of coffee-soaked cookies on top.

Continue layering until you reach the top of your dish and there is enough space for the cream cheese and caramel mixture. Then fill the top of the cake with cocoa powder. Refrigerate for four hours or until ready to serve.

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