Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

Chocolate ice cream cake is one of the types of ice cream cake that is very easy to prepare and has a unique taste. In this recipe you can increase or decrease the amount of raw materials as you like. You can use a variety of cakes and ice cream. There is no limit to the taste and size of the ingredients in the ice cream cake. Join us in cook plans to prepare this delicious dessert.

Ingredients :

  1. Plain or chocolate cake: 1 piece
  2. Vanilla ice cream: 1 pack
  3. Chocolate ice cream: 1 pack
  4. Cream: 1 pack
  5. Chocolate sauce: as needed
  6. Strawberries: 12 pieces or seasonal fruit

Recipe :

You can make the cake yourself or use ready-made cake. You can search for how to prepare a simple cake in cook plans.

Choose a 23 cm diameter mold and cover the bottom with greaseproof paper so that the edges of the paper protrude from the mold and serve as a handle at the end to remove the prepared ice cream cake from the mold. Cut the cake in half and set the rest aside. Refrigerate the mold for half an hour.

While the mold is in the refrigerator. Remove the chocolate ice cream from the freezer and place at room temperature to soften.

After half an hour and the chocolate ice cream that you took out of the freezer softened, take 5 scoops or more and put it on the surface of the cake. Spread the ice cream with a fork on the surface of the biscuit until smooth.

Next, transfer the mold to the freezer and leave it there for half an hour. Meanwhile, take out the vanilla ice cream and put it at room temperature to soften it and repeat the same steps as before.

Then put the third and fourth layers in the same way and finally put the cake on the ice cream cake. Put the prepared ice cream cake in the freezer overnight to hold it well and harden it. Cover the cake with foil so that the cold does not spoil it. Once you are sure that your ice cream is completely firm and firm, you can serve it with cream, chocolate sauce and fruit and enjoy its good taste.

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