Chocolate Crepe


Chocolate crepe is a different type of crepe that is a very light and easy snack and you can serve it with different fruits or honey. If you like to give variety to breakfast or evening meals, be sure to try chocolate crepe. For the first time in the region of western France, people were ground with a mixture of buckwheat and a little melted butter and salt, inventing it, they poured crepe on hot plates and spread it and cooked it with the help of wooden tools. Nowadays, when most crepe tools are available, you can prepare this crepe at home for your family and children without the need for cafes or restaurants. In today’s tutorial, we will teach you very delicious chocolate crepe cook plans.

Ingredients :

  1. Eggs: 1 piece
  2. Milk: 2 cups
  3. Flour: 1 measure
  4. Sugar: 2 ounces
  5. Liquid oil: 2 ounces
  6. Vanilla: 1/4 teaspoon
  7. Butter: To the extent necessary
  8. Chocolate and fruit: To the extent necessary

Recipes :

First, mix the eggs, sugar and vanilla with a good mixer until creamy and fluffy. Then add the oil and milk, respectively, and stir by adding each other for another minute. Finally, add the flour, which we sifted three times before, to our mixture in 3 steps, until the crepe liquid is completely homogeneous. To make sure that there is no flour ball in it, we pass it through a strainer once.

In the non-stick pan, brush some butter to make it greasy. You do not need to pour too much. It is enough to grease it. Remove the crepe material with a ladle and pour it into the pan and shake the pan so that the crepe is spread all over the pan. Then, when the crepe bubbles, turn it over and cook the other side of the crepe, and in the same way, present the crepes and put them on top of each other and put a freezer bag on them.

Crush the chocolate and put it on indirect heat to melt. Open each crepe, pour some melted chocolate into it and roll it (you can also put some banana or strawberry in the middle of the roll). In the same way, crepe Serve the chocolate and serve it in a set with tea or coffee.

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