Chicken Scallop

Chicken Scallop

Today we want to teach you how to chicken scallop with lemon sauce. Scalp is a traditional food of many countries. But the recipe we want to explain to you today is an Italian recipe.

If you have only heard of the French scallop chicken, you may think that scallops are made with chicken only. But it is not. In fact, any thin sheet of boneless meat is called a Scallop. (Meanwhile, the meat is usually beaten during the cooking process to make it thin.)

Ingredients :

  • Chicken breast: 4-5 pieces
  • Semolina flour: To the extent necessary
  • Chopped parsley: 1/2 cup
  • Large sour lemon: 2 pcs
  • Olive oil: To the extent necessary
  • Salt: To the extent necessary

Preparation Method:

Cut the chicken breast into two thin slices in the middle. Place it between two layers of plastic or cellophane and beat with a meat grinder until thin.

Pour the semolina flour on a plate. Dip the thinly sliced ​​chicken into the flour one by one to cover both sides with the flour.

Pour the olive oil into a large pan. Place the pan on a medium flame to heat the oil. Put as many chicken breasts as there are in the pan. When one side is red, turn them over so that the other side is golden.

When all the chicken scallops are ready, return them all to the same pan. Sprinkle with salt. Add sour lemon juice as well. Let the chicken scallop stay on the flame for another ten minutes and taste good.

After the scalp is cooked, chop the parsley and add the extra lemon slices. Close the pan lid until served.

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