Chicken Roulette

Chicken Roulette

Chicken roulette is a useful and tasty food and we suggest you make it. Chicken roulette is suitable for people who avoid a red meat diet.


Onion: 1 number

Hambon: 8 sheets

Chicken breast: 2 pieces

Pepper: 2 pieces

Parsley : To the extent necessary

Boiled saffron: 3 tbsp

Salt, pepper and turmeric: To the extent necessary

Grated pizza cheese: To the extent necessary

Roasting flour: To the extent necessary

Chicken eggs: 1 number

Oil: To the extent necessary


How to prepare:

We grind the chicken breast with onion. Add salt, pepper, turmeric and brewed saffron to the ingredients, mix well and knead.

We open the freezer bag and spread it on the work surface. Grease it with a little oil.

Finely chop the bell peppers and fry a little.

We take a handful of meat ingredients and spread them on the nylon. After we have completely opened the ingredients, we put ham on it and then add the roasted peppers, chopped parsley and grated pizza cheese.

At the same time, raise both sides of the bag and connect the two ends of the roulette. Refrigerate the roulette for one to two hours to set

After this time, we separate the bag from the roulette. First we put the roulette in the beaten egg and then we put it in the breadcrumbs and we fry it in oil.

After frying, cut and serve the roulette with a sharp knife to the desired size.

You can increase the ingredients in the roulette according to your taste. For example, add pickles, mushrooms, cooked carrots, walnuts or barberry. But be sure to include ham, bell peppers and pizza cheese.

You can use fried potatoes and steamed vegetables for dochinch.

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