Chicken Karahi

Chicken Karahi

Pakistan is one of the countries of the Indian subcontinent and therefore has many cultural and food commonalities with India and neighboring countries.

It is interesting to know that meat plays a very important role in Pakistani cuisine.

Almost all foods, even those made mostly from vegetables, contain red meat and chicken.

Chicken Karahi is also especially popular in northern India.

One of the characteristics of Pakistani food is the spices used in it, the spicy taste and spices used in it are predominant.

Ingredients for five people:

  • Chicken thighs and chest: four pc
  • Onion: 1 large number
  • Olive oil: four tablespoons
  • Grated ginger: a tablespoon
  • Crushed garlic: four cloves
  • Chopped tomatoes: two medium pieces
  • Spices (coriander seeds, curry leaves, turmeric, red pepper and salt): To the extent necessary

How to prepare:

Chop the onion and fry in olive oil in a frying pan.

When the onions are a little light, add the chicken pieces and fry.

Close the pan lid, reduce the flame until the chicken changes color so that it does not burn.

Add the spices to the desired amount and stir until the whole meat is soaked in spices.

It is better to be a little generous in consuming spices and red pepper, because this food has a spicy taste.

Add the ginger and garlic and the chopped tomatoes and stir.

When the tomato juice is low, add the paste, chop the green pepper and pour into the pan.

Add something to it and pour two to three cups of water and close the lid.

At the end of cooking, when the water is low, remove the curry leaves.

If you don’t have leaves, you can use some coriander leaves

This dish is served with white rice.

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