Chicken And Vegetables Pirashki

Chicken And Vegetables Pirashki

Chicken and vegetables pirashki are one of the delicious and diet foods that can help your fitness.

Ingredients :

  • Dough pirashki: 1 pack
  • Chopped chicken breast: 200 g
  • Medium chopped onion: 1 piece
  • Vegetable mixture: 200 g
  • Chopped mushrooms: 100 g
  • Chopped bell pepper: 1 piece
  • Salt and black pepper: To the extent necessary
  • Powdered thyme: 1 tsp
  • Pureed tomatoes: 3 to 4 pieces
  • Chicken juice : 100 ml
  • Chopped coriander and parsley: 2 tablespoons
  • Tomato paste: 1 tbsp
  • Ketchup sauce: To the extent necessary
  • Liquid oil: To the extent necessary

How to prepare:

First, pour the oil into the pan and put it on the heat until the oil is completely hot. Then put the chopped onions in a pan and fry well until soft and transparent. Then add the chopped chicken breast to the onions and fry again, then add the tomato paste to the pan and mix the ingredients together and fry until they are well colored. After this time, add the mixture of vegetables, mushrooms, bell peppers, salt and black pepper to the ingredients in the pan and stir until the ingredients are completely mixed.

Add thyme, tomato puree and Chicken juice to the pan containing the chicken and mix. Allow the ingredients to stand on low heat for a while to absorb the water. Then remove the pan from the heat and add the parsley and coriander to your ingredients. Take a tablespoon of the ingredients and place it on the donut dough, then fold the pirashki dough in half and glue the edges together. Prepare the rest of the pirashki in the same way. Then place the prepared pirashki in a pan containing hot oil to fry.

After the pirashki are fried, remove them from the oil with the help of a perforated spatula and place them on greaseproof paper to remove excess oil. Your pirashki are ready to be served with ketchup sauce, you can eat the pirashki both hot and after they have cooled completely.

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