Chicken and olive stew

Chicken and olive stew

If you are familiar with Lebanese cuisine, you know that Lebanese chicken and olive stew is one of the most popular dishes of the Lebanese people. Lebanese eat this stew as breakfast or iftar with bread or rice. Most Lebanese dishes are cooked with garlic and olives. In Mediterranean cuisine, olive oil is used to cook and grill food. This simple and delicious dish is made with chicken breast or fillet, bell peppers, olives, olive oil, saffron, parsley and cumin.

Lebanese chicken and olive stew has about 275 kcal of energy per person. Olives are anti-cholesterol. It is a rich source of essential fatty acids. Olive is a natural skin brightener and sunscreen. Olives are rich in vitamin E, copper and iron, which promote hair growth. Olives are the mainstay of many Italian, Lebanese, Turkish and Greek dishes. Research shows that including olives in people’s daily intake reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Ingredients :

  1. Chicken: 500 g
  2. Onions: 1 medium
  3. Garlic: 4 cloves
  4. Black cumin: 1 teaspoon
  5. Turmeric: one-half tablespoon of jam
  6. Odorless olive oil: 50 g
  7. Colored and green bell peppers: 1 pc
  8. Kernelless green olives: 10 pcs
  9. Lemon juice: 3 tablespoons
  10. Sour lemon: 2 pcs
  11. Black pepper powder: one-half teaspoon
  12. Brewed saffron: 3 tablespoons
  13. Chopped parsley: 3 – 2 tablespoons
  14. Salt: To the extent necessary

Recipes :

First, pour the oil in the pan and fry the garlic and onion in it.

Then add turmeric and salt and then add the chicken pieces.

Let the chicken cook well.

Add olives, bell peppers and lemon juice.

When all the ingredients are cooked together, add the chicken stock and let all the ingredients cook slowly over a gentle heat.

10 minutes left to serve, add cumin, saffron and black pepper.

When serving, sprinkle sauteed parsley on the stew.

If you want your Lebanese chicken and olive stew to be amazing, pay attention to the following points:

1- Adding a little water to the stew and placing the pot on a low flame will make the stew more firm and colorful.

2- Add cumin powder, saffron and parsley a few minutes before serving.

3- Do not boil cumin too much because it causes bitterness and discoloration of food.

4- The special pickle of this food is grape pickle.

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