Cabbage Rice (kalam pulo)

Cabbage Rice

Cabbage Rice is another popular Iranian dish whose recipe belongs to the people of Shiraz. The aroma of fragrant vegetables of this food will be so wrapped up in the house that it will make you unconscious! So be sure to make this dish at home. This dish is made with very simple ingredients and has a high nutritional value.

ingredients :

  • Minced meat: 400 g
  • Rice: 4 cups
  • Cabbage: 700 g
  • Medium onion: two
  • Chickpea flour: two tablespoons
  • Hot onions: four tablespoons
  • Aromatic vegetables including basil, leek, tarragon and dill: 250 grams
  • Salt, pepper and turmeric: To the extent necessary
  • Omani lemon powder: To the extent necessary

How to prepare:

Pour four tablespoons of onion with turmeric, pepper and a little oil into the pan. Chop the Cabbage into strings and add to the ingredients.

Roast the ingredients on a low heat until well combined, then add two-thirds of a glass of water and close the pan to cook the cabbage and soften.

After the cabbage is soft, remove from the pan to evaporate the excess water, then set aside two tablespoons of the fragrant vegetables and add the rest, along with a little salt and Omani lemon powder, to the ingredients after the cabbage juice has completely evaporated add.

Roast the ingredients a little. Note that over-frying makes the vegetables bitter in the food.

Grate the onions and squeeze the juice, then pour in a bowl of minced meat, Aromatic herbs, chickpea flour, salt and pepper and grated onion and knead thoroughly until smooth. Take some of the ink and roll it with your hands.

Pour the minced meat into the pan and fry with a little oil, then close the pan until well cooked and fried.

Mix the drained rice with the cabbage and frying pan oil that has been fried, then pour it into a layer of rice and minced meat in the pot. Finally, pour two-thirds of a glass of water into the pot and Cook for 30 to 45 minutes. Now our food is ready to serve.

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