Barberry Stew

Barberry Stew

Stews are one of the main meals of the Iranian people, which are often consumed with rice and sometimes with bread. One of these delicious stews is barberry stew. This stew is a local food related to the tribes of Kurdistan. Due to its excellent taste and convenient and suitable recipe, the preparation of this stew has become common in other cities and has found its own fans. Barberry is the main food of barberry stew that has a sour taste. Barberry with its unique taste makes foods very tasty and gives excellent aroma to foods. Barberry can be used cooked in a variety of stews and pilafs. It goes without saying that barberry juice is prepared and tasted by many people as a tasty and sour drink. Apart from its nutritional value, barberry also has healing properties and is used in the treatment of many diseases. Among other things, barberry reduces gastrointestinal infections and treats indigestion.

Ingredients :

  1. Barberry: 2 cups
  2. Lamb or calf thigh: 400 g
  3. Cobs: 2 cups
  4. Chopped onion: 2 pcs
  5. Meat juice: 5 cups
  6. Sugar: 1 tablespoon
  7. Ground saffron: half a teaspoon
  8. Salt: To the extent necessary
  9. Black pepper: To the extent necessary
  10. Turmeric: To the extent necessary
  11. Ginger: To the extent necessary

Preparation method:

First, chop the onions into small pieces.

Then pour it with some oil in a pan and fry it until it turns completely golden.

After frying the onions, add turmeric and fry with the onion.

Then add the meat and fry until completely fried.

Add the cobs that you have soaked for a few hours to the meat and onion and stir well.

After the roasting is complete, add the mixed saffron ingredients to the ingredients.

Then add broth or (meat extract capsule) with some boiling water to the ingredients and increase the heat for a few minutes.

Turn down the heat and let the stew cook slowly.

After the stew is fully cooked, add the required spices to it.

In another bowl, add the pre-washed and soaked barberries to the oil, fry and then add the sugar and ginger powder.

After the barberries are cooked and softened, add it to the stew and stir thoroughly.

Turn off the flame and serve after the stew has cooled.

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