Ashe Halav

Ashe Halav

ashe Halav is one of the most famous dishes in Sanandaj in Iran. Due to the mountainous and lush nature of this area, most people in Sanandaj tend to cook dishes with local and fragrant vegetables. For this reason, in most of the local dishes of Sanandaj, we see a variety of fragrant and special vegetables, and Ashe Halav is one of these delicious dishes.

Ash Halav, this local food of Kurdistan, is mostly prepared by people in autumn and winter. The properties of this popular dish with a variety of local and high-quality vegetables have been considered by many people in all parts of Iran. For this reason, we are witnessing the cooking of Ashe Halav with the same fragrant vegetables specific to each region of Iran among all the different ethnic groups and cities of the country.

This authentic Sanandaji soup is also called Ghora broth. In fact, it is so famous because in Halaw soup, better water is poured and it is usually cooked with minced meat and plenty of water. We suggest that you cook Halav soup at home on these cold autumn days and enjoy the sour and delicious taste of this local soup.

In addition to flavoring halo soup, Ghora water seasoning has many benefits and properties for the body’s health. These benefits include increased appetite, improved digestion, strengthens the digestive system and liver, and.. If your child does not have much appetite and is malnourished, instead of using appetizing pills, you can use a little better water as a seasoning with food, especially in salads. Good water stimulates the appetite and makes foods taste good.

Ingredients :

  1. Mutton: 400 g
  2. Rice: To the extent necessary
  3. Chickpeas: 300 g
  4. White beans: 250 g
  5. Medium onion: 2 pcs
  6. Medium potato: 5 pieces
  7. verjuice : To the extent necessary
  8. Aromatic herbs of mint, parsley, beet leaves and onion: 1/5 cup
  9. Liquid oil: To the extent necessary
  10. Water: 1 cup
  11. Salt: To the extent necessary
  12. Turmeric: To the extent necessary
  13. Black pepper: To the extent necessary

Preparation Method:

First, chop the onions finely and fry a little.

Then add the meat to the fried onion and fry a little.

Add the necessary spices, including turmeric and black pepper, along with the beans to the pot.

After the beans and meat are almost half cooked, chop the vegetables and add to the ingredients in the pot.

Add some lukewarm water to the pan and turn down the heat until the vegetables are cooked through.

After the meat, beans and vegetables are cooked, chop the potatoes and add to the pot.

Half an hour after the potatoes are cooked. Your soup is ready, the concentration of the soup depends on your taste.

After cooking the soup completely and turning it off, add the best water to the dish according to your taste.

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