Ashe Doogh Ardabil

Ashe Doogh Ardabil

ashe Doogh is another traditional food of the Iranian people, especially the people of Ardabil province. Today I will teach you how to cook this delicious local dish. I hope you like it dear ones.

Ingredients for preparing ashe Doogh Ardabil (7 people)

  • Chickpeas (cooked): 1.5 cups
  • Rice (Iranian rice): 1 cup
  • Yogurt (high fat): 2 liters
  • Doogh (local doogh preferably): 2 liters
  • Vegetables (leeks, coriander, fresh garlic leaves): half a kilo
  • Eggs: 1 pc
  • Minced meat (low fat): 250 g
  • Dried mint (for decoration): To the extent necessary
  • Salt and black pepper: To the extent necessary
  • Onion (grated and taken water): 1 pc
  • Oil (to fry minced meat): To the extent necessary

How to prepare:

First, beat the yogurt with an electric or hand mixer for 5 to 10 minutes until it is completely loose.

Then slowly add the doogh to the yogurt and mix until smooth.

Break one egg into the doogh mixture and beat again until the egg is completely open. (Chicken eggs prevent doogh from being cut during cooking)

Place the dough and egg mixture, which is completely homogeneous, on the high heat of the oven and mix with a wooden spoon (use a wooden spoon because this dish needs to stir for a long time on the flame, and because the handle of the wooden spoon is less It gets hot your sweet hand doesn’t burn)

At the same time, wash a measure of raw rice and add it to the ingredients on the stove and stir it regularly so that the dough does not turn brown.

When the dough has reached the right concentration, add the minced meat .( Mix 250 grams of minced meat and a grated onion in water and mix some salt and pepper and a tablespoon of dried mint jam and circle the ingredients the size of a hazelnut and fry in a frying pan.)

Now it’s time to add the vegetables that we have already washed and chopped to the ashe doogh. (If the fresh garlic leaves are available, don’t hesitate to add them to the soup because it gives a special taste to the soup).

Now it’s time for peas that have been soaked since the night before and changed the water twice and added to the ashe doogh.

When the ashe doogh boils, reduce the heat and allow the vegetables to darken. After boiling, cook for at least half an hour on low heat.

Once ready, pour the ashe doogh into the desired dish and Decorate with mint and hot garlic.

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