American Sponge Cake

American sponge cake

American sponge cake is a kind of cake that looks very nice and you can use it to make different kinds of house cakes like birthday cake.

Materials needed

1- Pastry Flour: 2 tbsp

2-Sugar Powder: 2 modules

3-Eggs: 6 medium

4-Baking powder: a small spoon

5-Salt: Some

6-Vanilla: Very little

7-Boiling water: half a cup

Recipe to cook

Step first

To make American cake, first turn oven to 180 ° C. Put the bottom of the mold on the oil paper. Grease the bottom of the mold and the wall to a height of one centimeter with liquid oil. Mix the flour and salt and baking powder and sift three times. Divide the yolk and egg whites.

Step second

Whisk the egg whites to make it white and puffy. Add half of the powdered sugar and refold to form and not pour into the fridge and place in the fridge.

Mix the yolks and vanilla with the rest of the powdered sugar and mix with boiling water to prevent the yolks from boiling.

Step third

Stirring the yolks after pouring the water should be high enough for the worm to be alert. Now add the whites to the yolks and stir until they blend together. Then add the flour gradually and again whisk together the ingredients.

Step Four

The important thing to do at this point is to mix the ingredients with the lisk, that is, not to stir. Rather from one side to the other.

Step Five

Put the ingredients into the mold so that two-thirds of the mold is empty. Place the mold in the oven and allow about 40 to 50 minutes for the cake to be cooked after the oven is turned off.

Leave it in the oven for another 5 minutes. Now our cake is ready.

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